VMware NSX is network virtualization technology.    NSX provides many services with respect to networking and virtualization:

  • Micro-Segmentation – Microseg allows you to firewall VMs from one another – no matter what host they are on, where the VM is located, or even if the VM’s IP Address changes.
  • Physical Abstraction – The datacenter is no longer defined by a single physical location.  NSX can stretch the datacenter network between your physical locations, or your main site and the cloud.  This allows you to think differently about how your applications function or react to unplanned events
  • Security – NSX provides a new way of looking at security.  No longer do policies need to rely upon location or IP address.  You can apply policies in a variety of ways.  You can define a policy to a VM, a group of VMs, a tag that is shared among many VMs in an application group among others.
  • Network as Code – As servers and services on a network are automated, so must the network and security policies be open to automation.  With NSX, you can create networks on the fly.  You will be able to automate the full end-to-end requirements for a VM in code.

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