vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator (also known as vRO, Orchestrator, or vCenter Orchestrator) is a drag and drop workflow system.  This allows you to automate complex tasks in your datacenter.  It can be used as a stand-alone automation tool, or integrated with vRealize Automation.

It is very extensible, allowing you the flexibility to write your own logic and use third-party extensions to incorporate multiple platforms into an automation workflow.

It is comprised of the following components:

  1. Workflow Designer – An easy-to-use graphical interface allows you to create workflows
  2. Workflow Engine – This executes the workflows created by the Designer
  3. Library – A reusable set of building blocks.  This can include built-in blocks from Orchestrator, custom steps you have created, or those provided by third-party extensions
  4. Scripting Engine – The engine manages version control and script syntax
  5. Versioning – Each workflow has version history – allowing for basic change management
  6. Checkpointing Database – Each step in a workflow is saved in a database, allowing capture of state and context.  This allows for server restarts to occur without a full workflow restart
  7. Central Management – A central management console provides a single pane for administration of process and script versions.


Getting Started

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